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How to get fitness results the quickest way possible

Learn how to get on track, and stay on track, to hit heights you've never imagined in this simple but info packed article, how to get fitness results the quickest way possible.

You're ready to get fitness results, you're committed, you're hungry for it, you want to do it, where do you start? And how do you get results the quickest way possible? Today we are going to give you simple principles to get fitness results the quickest way possible!

So when you're attempting to change the body or reach any kind of fitness goal, it's not about how fast you get there, it's about being consistent enough with the right data that will get you there the quickest way possible. There's an old military saying that says, "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast," and that's the same thing with fitness or with any target for that matter. Number one, you need the right data. Number two, you need to follow it with enough frequency and consistency to actually start seeing results. So how do we get this done?

1. Learn how to train. This is so important and so overlooked by every single fitness guru, influencer, coach, trainer. They don't give the client the data that they need for them to understand how to train by themselves. What are they doing? What's the goal of the workout? Why am I doing the exercise that I'm doing? What's the right intensity? Where should I be pushing? How hard should I be pushing without risking injury?

So this all comes from training IQ, knowing how to tap into your muscles, knowing how to tap into the body in a way where we can use it to lift the weight properly and get the most engagement. That is the keyword here: muscle / body engagement. We want to engage the muscles as hard as we can, as much as we can, so that we can exert (calories AND muscle usage) as much as we can.

Now, with strength training in particular, it's the king of all fitness goals because number one, muscle is important. It's functional, it's how we move, and number two, it requires a lot of calories to maintain it, i.e., You're burning a lot more at rest. So if you're sitting on the couch with more muscle than the person next to you, you are burning more calories - sitting down on that same couch doing the same activity. You are more muscular, your body has to work harder to maintain it, and that means burning more calories at rest. So it's imperative that we learn how to train and learn how to train with the right intensity enough to warrant our body to change. It's not easy for the body to change. It's not going to want to do that. Naturally, our body is made to survive and conserve. It wants to do everything at a slow pace to maintain all the calories. Now, we're living in a world where we don't have to survival like that. We don't have those nutritional survival needs. We can go to the grocery store and buy groceries.

As a personal trainer, this is where your coach should be pushing you, is to get the training IQ enough so you can exert the most you can out of every single workout and break the body down to warrant change, so we can then eat for our goals

and that's as simple as the process gets - Work hard in the gym, train hard in the gym, and eat for your results. Simple.

You cannot do that without training hard first though. It doesn't matter what you eat, it doesn't matter what diet you try, if you do not master how to train... Pay attention when I'm saying this. If you do not master how to train, you will not see the results that you're looking for. It doesn't matter what you eat. You need to learn how to train.

2. You need to learn how to eat. See, I'm emphasizing on education here because any kind of success that you need in life, it's all going to come from knowhow. It's going to come from knowhow and experience so you need to learn these things like you learned any other skillset. If you're reading this and you're at a job right now and you're a professional and you're taking care of your family, you've at a business or have your own business or maybe a consultant... You have a skillset within that topic. Any profession that you're doing, whether you're an engineer, whether you're a speaker on stage, whether you're a financial planner, CPA, anything, you have a specific skillset. This is the reason the company pays you or you pay yourself from your own company.

So you need to treat this the same as everything else. You need to treat fitness and health and training and eating clean the same way you treat any other skillset. It has to be drilled, rehearsed, learned. You have to put some time. You have to put some effort into it. So going back to learning how to eat, clean, wholesome foods with a structure, that's it. Simple, simple, simple. If you can eat the same meals every day, that's great. A lot of people can't do that so they need to learn a little bit more on how to substitute and eat clean, wholesome foods.

The foods that you eat should only have one to two ingredients in them. All the other junk, those are all free radicals. People and companies do obscene things with food nowadays and the FDA lets them get away with it. It's not right. You got to learn how to avoid the potholes and stop putting poison in your body. They bleach food, they add color to food, they do ridiculous things and you're ingesting it, think about that. All your ingredients should be whole foods, one or two ingredients from God's green planet. That's it.

3. Get a training plan from a coach. A seasoned personal trainer or a seasonal fitness trainer will understand progressive overload. How do I take a client from Point A who's at 0 and bring them all the way up to 100 in a nice, straight, progressive line? Your intensity needs to increase. Your workload or volume and weight need to increase. Basically, you have to keep the training hard and challenging. You have to keep training hard for yourself so that your body continues to change.

Naturally, as you are consistent with training and eating clean, your body is going to change and you are going to get stronger, you're going to function better, you're going to get leaner. And so, it's going to require more effort in the gym to get the same results or to continue on your upward trend of results. So that comes with more training volume, slightly different exercises, and more weight resistance. So you have to do this in blocks, it's not okay to just totally switch your plan from day to day. You need to know what you're doing and you need to have a progressive plan that's all laid out so you can progress in a nice upward swing.

4. Get a nutrition plan from a coach. Now, if you've never done an eating plan or if you've never had any kind of meal structure, you just blindly eat throughout the day, your nutrition is very, very important to pair with the hard training that you're doing. So, hiring a personal trainer or a certified nutritionist or actually, a fitness nutritionist, even better, somebody who's walking it, living it, doing it. It's not enough for you to have the IQ and just tell somebody. As a personal trainer, you don't want to take advice from a fat personal trainer or somebody that doesn't live what they're trying to sell you. I learned this very early on and it makes me very picky on who I get my data from.

So make sure that they live it and that they can deliver the right data. That means they have a track record of successful clients that have followed the trainers plan and actually got results from their own programs. So if you never had a nutrition plan, a fitness nutritionist will have a structure for you and then help you make adjustments as you go. So if you're brand new to that, a certified fitness trainer will lay out your daily calories, of those calories, how much are coming from protein, how much are coming from carbs, and how much are coming from fats.

The PT will have your calories and macros needed and they will have a meal plan with all of your daily meals, let's say four meals, let's say five meals, let's say three meals, whatever it is, you now have a base. You have structure and that, you can finesse and massage and swap meals and do all that other stuff so long as your body is responding well to it. Now, it might take some time. There's different type of diets out there. There's keto diet, there's carb cycling, there's base nutrition diets where it's just one plan.

But basically, you have to think about this: calories in and calories out. How much am I exerting in my training and in my day-to-day activities and does my eating reflect that for my goal? So a construction worker who has a busy day constantly moving, goes to the gym, hits it hard, he's eating a lot more just to maintain the muscle he has. Whereas somebody who has a very minimal activity level on a day-to-day basis, doesn't hit the gym as hard enough with intensity, their diet looks a lot lower in calories than the construction worker. So getting a nutrition plan from a coach will give you structure.

5. This is senior to everything, but be consistent. You need to be consistent for this thing to work. Most people don't get the results because they don't do it long enough. There's a reason the people that are into fitness are hooked to fitness. It's addicting and if you have not reached that level to where it's addicting, then you're not hitting it hard enough or you're not hitting it with enough frequency to see that.

Physically, what resistance training does or any kind of hard exercise does, it releases dopamine in your system that is on par with doing drugs. That is a natural high. If you are not addicted to fitness and working out, you have not hit it with enough consistency and volume or intensity to hit that level of where you need to be with training and overall fitness. So consistency is the most important, you have to keep going until it's second nature to you, until you know what you're doing, until you can have a clear understanding of what to expect when you walk in the gym doors to what I am planning in my kitchen and can live with it day to day and it's habit. It's nice and natural. So consistency is senior to everything on this list.

To recap

You need to learn how to train.

You need to learn how to eat

Get a training plan and a nutrition plan from a certified fitness coach, somebody who's lived it, a personal trainer maybe, a fitness instructor, certified nutritionist, fitness nutritionist, somebody who lives it and has a track record of teaching people with successful results.

So those are my tips on how to get fitness results the quickest way possible. Remember, knowledge and consistency.

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